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Welcome To Fertility Plus!

Believe you can conceive

Dr. Charlene Kush, BSc, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a special focus in fertility enhancement. Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for years or have suffered one or more miscarriages then the Fertility Plus Program is your next step.

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What Fertility Concerns Does Naturopathic Medicine Help?


Thyroid Conditons


Ovarian Cysts


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Recurrent Miscarriage

and More

During pregnancy we continue to optimize your health and wellbeing by addressing any immediate pregnancy related concerns. We may continue acupuncture throughout the first trimester if necessary. We will also meet each trimester and a month before labour for specific pregnancy support and education. Find Out More

Welcome to Fertility Plus Niagara! "Believe you can conceive"

Preconception Health

Preconception care aims to optimize the nutritional health of both parents and can improve your chances of conceiving and giving birth to a healthy child

Detoxification & Rebuilding

Detoxification will make post conception symptoms such as morning sickness much easier to tolerate. Our program varies from woman to woman to meet your needs

Male Fertility Factor

When a male is forced to contend with male factor infertility, he is facing an emotional journey. This concept is incredibly important as the feelings of the man often get overlooked.

IVF & IUI Support

Reduce the risk of miscarriage as well as addressing any underlying health issues or imbalances. Preconception care preceding IVF treatment, can double the success rates for IVF.

Our expertise

It is true when they say “you are what you eat”. What we put into our body provides us with our basic building blocks for our health and wellbeing. It is impossible to reach our optimal health on a diet missing essential nutrients. 

If we eat poorly, we cannot sustain a healthy body and this leads to the development of disease or dysfunction within the body.

In today’s North American society, even people who eat very well often do not acquire enough vitamins and minerals because today's plants have a lot less nutrients than they did 50 years ago. The soil where plants are raised are depleted of nutrients so the vegetables and fruits themselves have nowhere to obtain nutrients leading to less nutrient dense foods.

From a fertility point of view, poor nutrition will lead to less hormone balance, less nourished uterine linings and mood related issues which are a few of the factors to affect conception. Together we will analyse your diet and determine what types of foods do not agree with your body, and what types of supplements you may require to help your body function at a higher level.

Botanical medicine is the use of herbs to treat various diseases and strengthen the body against disease and illness. Plants can be used individually, or in combination, depending on the needs of each individual.

The herbs are harvested and processed by different companies, and are usually prescribed as a tablet, capsule or tincture form. Tinctures are liquid preparations of herbs or herbal constituents, and are usually alcohol based. Dried or fresh herbs can also be prepared as teas (also called infusions) by patients at home, depending on individual preference and convenience.

With respect to fertility, herbs are very useful for regulating cycles and rebalancing hormones including female hormones, thyroid and the adrenal glands. During IVF or other ART procedures most herbs are avoided but may be resumed between cycles if necessary.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed in the eighteenth century that works with the body to help stimulate the body to heal itself. In homeopathy, your uniqueness is very important and all of the symptoms you experience are important to selecting the correct homeopathic medicine for you. The medicines are made from plant, animal or mineral products that are so diluted that there is no chance of toxicity. Homeopathy is suitable for acute and chronic conditions, and can be beneficial on both physical and emotional levels.

Biotherapeutic Drainage is a treatment method aimed at supporting the body's natural routes of elimination and enhancing the cellular function of the organs and tissues within the body. This is a very gentle and deep acting way to re-balance, heal, and restore the body. The remedies are homeopathic preparations in that they contain minute amounts of the actual plant or mineral used. The mineral aspect of the remedy is present to aid in the biochemical reactions our bodies employ for detoxification, and the plant aspect leads the mineral to the intended tissue or organ system. The formulas we use are called UNDAs, they are labelled with a number, the name of a mineral, or in accordance with a particular organ they are designed to support. The remedies are safe, non-toxic, will not interfere with other medications, and have a gentle yet deep acting effect.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical system that has diagnosed, treated, and prevented illness for over two thousand years. Methods of diagnosis include your health history and examination of the tongue and the pulses to determine weaknesses or imbalances in the organs in in the entire body system.

TCM can be very effective at treating many different kinds of diseases and is based on the theory that energy and blood must be strong and flow freely in order for the body to function optimally. If there is stagnation or accumulation of Qi (life energy) and blood in different areas of the body then this will can cause dysfunction and pain (e.g. headaches, muscle/joint pain, menstrual pain, etc). The different aspects of TCM and acupuncture focus on removing these blockages, strengthening weakened organs, and balancing the interactions between organs to rebalance qi and optimize health.

Acupuncture itself is the insertion of very fine, sterile, steel acupuncture needles into specific points to move Qi and blood. Insertion of the needles goes unnoticed by some, and to others feels like a small pinch followed by a sensation of tingling, numbness, ache, warmth or heaviness. In our office we use only disposable needles, which are discarded after one use.

Physical medicine involves the use of various machines in practice (ie. TENS, microcurrent, ultrasound, etc) and also the use of hands on technqiues such as physical adjustments, bowen therapy and hydrotherapy.

The Bowen technique is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that has been used successfully to treat people suffering from pain (low back, knee, shoulder, sciatica, headaches, etc), digestive, respiratory, gynecological complaints and more. The gentle moves on soft tissue stimulate physiological changes and energy flow, empowering the body's own resources to heal itself.

Hydrotherapy is the application of water to help your body fight diseases and recuperate from ailments. It strengthens your immune system, improves circulation, increases toxin elimination, and supports the overall health of your body. Hydrotherapy, applied from a naturopathic context, can be done in many different ways. Some naturopathic therapies include hot and cold wraps, alternating hot and cold showers, sitz baths, and warming sock treatments.

As you can see, many of the hydrotherapy techniques involve the alternation of hot and cold water, effectively promoting the movement of lymphatic fluid and blood. In our clinic, we use a combination of many modalities, and hydrotherapy can be a gentle naturopathic technique for patients to apply at home.

We live in a society that is bombarded with stress. We are too busy, have too many expectations to produce and not enough replenishment. When we feel stressed we secrete certain hormones (for example adrenalin), which allows us to “escape” a dangerous situation. These hormones interact with other hormones and can cause serious imbalances within the body. Many of us are constantly experiencing stress (even when the stressors are not life or death) and the stress hormones do not decrease, causing a continual excited state. This state inhibits our ability to sleep, relax, and even think properly. If we are in this state for too long, our organs (especially the adrenal glands) become exhausted, and we cannot sustain an optimal state of health.

Stress management is essential to health and fertility. The mind is very powerful and if we can harness the emotions and thoughts of the mind, and allow ourselves to become calm for extended periods of time, we can eventually learn to apply this feeling to the rest of our lives.

In a relaxed state, the body can heal, and take care of itself much more easily, reducing the risk for disease development and improving fertility dramatically. Techniques that used in the office to help patients reduce stress reduction include: meditation, guided imagery, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation and encouragement of positive thinking.

Lifestyle counselling includes much of the preconception care component as well as techniques and treatments that can be integrated into a daily routine to prevent illness and improve both physical and mental health.


"For several years every time I got pregnant I'd miscarry within a week or two. My last miscarriage was in October and that is when I decided to go see Dr. Kush and give natural medicine a try. Within a week I felt better emotionally and physically. Dr. Kush told me to wait until the new year to try again, which we did. We conceived within the first month and have kept the pregnancy. I'm now over 17 weeks pregnant. I feel amazing. No morning sickness!
Thank you Dr. Kush!
-Julia B.

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